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Threshold Amplifier Stereo Amplifier Restoration

  • Circuit upgrades (reengineered).
  • Capacitor, resistor, and semiconductor upgrades.
  • Board checks and maintenance.
  • Worn power switch and gold RCA connector upgrade.
  • Teflon wire upgrade with better routing and connections.
  • Input interface and impedance (Z) improved when possible.
  • Improve fusing and overall protection.
  • More info...
Acurus L10 & Acoustat TNT-200 Rebuild Packages

  • Threshold 400A amplifier
  • Acoustat TNT-200 amplifier
  • Acoustat servo amplifier
  • Acurus L10 and RL11 linestage preamplifiers
  • CEC 3300 cd player
  • SAE 2200 amplifier
  • Martin Logan CLS interfaces
  • More info...
Ken Ealey at his work bench Ken Ealey, B.S. EE

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